Our Mission

Spadework bridges the gap for adults with learning difficulties and other disabilities, from dependence in a supportive environment, to increasing their independence, enabling them to live with dignity and purpose.

We aspire to achieve this through work experience, development of life skills and interaction with the community.

The aim of Spadework is to enable people with learning disabilities (Trainees) to develop their independence and personal skills through being involved in everything we do. The Trainees produce the plants that are sold in the garden centre and the fruit and vegetables served in the café and sold in the farm shop; they help to make cakes, jams and chutneys and serve customers in the café and in the farm shop. We also have woodwork, craft and IT facilities.

The Garden Centre, Farm Shop and Café are all open each day to the general public, which enables the trainees to interact with the customers, helping to improve their social skills, which in turn can increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Developing skills for people with learning difficulties