In June this year Spadework celebrated 35 years of providing care, support and meaningful opportunities to adults with learning and other disabilities.

As a valued supporter of Spadework, you will know that our site in Offham holds a very special place in the hearts of all the people who visit us, as well as our Trainees.

When the sun shines our outdoor activities are enjoyable and rewarding, but as the autumn approaches our attention focuses on where we might support our Trainees in wet and cold weather.

This is why we are currently fund-raising with the aim of improving our indoor facilities. We have a plan to build a new classroom.

On 6 September 2019, we are launching a crowd-funding campaign with the aim of raising £10,000 to support this project.

We have made many successful applications to grant makers and trust funds and have always been very grateful to all the individuals and organisations that support us.

Kris Healey, Spadework’s CEO, said: “I hope that this crowd-funding project will enable the work we do at Spadework to inspire a wider group of people to help us achieve our vision. It will enable us to reach more people who share our passion for delivering meaningful opportunities to adults with learning and other disabilities.”

If you would like to support us please go to

For more information about this project please contact Bridget Marrison, Business Development Manager.

Spadework, Teston Road, Offham, Kent ME19 5NA Tel 01732 870002 Registered Charity No. 291198


How does crowd-funding work?

Crowd-funding is a way for individuals to donate money to specific causes and projects. It’s a modern way for charities (and other organisations or individuals) to raise money. It brings together individuals who want to become supporters of particular projects. Anyone can set up a crowd-funding project. Payments are made online. The process is transparent as you can see how much a project has raised compared to the financial target. Sometimes supporters of a project receive a “reward” for their donation.

What will Spadework project supporters receive?

By way of saying thank you to everyone who gets involved with our project, we are offering “rewards”. There are four levels of reward. The rewards are listed on our Crowdfunder project page. For example, for a donation of £20 you will receive a postcard designed by one of our Trainees.

How do I pledge money?

It’s really simple. Go to our project page and use this secure platform to choose the amount you wish to donate and then enter your details. Your donation is taken by Crowdfunder. Spadework receives the money from Crowdfunder when the project is complete. If we do not reach our target of £10 000 you will receive your money back and it will have cost Spadework nothing. Our crowd-funding project runs for 28 days, between 6 September and 10 October 2019.

Will it cost me anything to pledge money?

No, only what you pledge.

How much does it cost Spadework to raise money this way?

We have chosen to use a respected platform called Crowdfunder. Three per cent of the money that is pledged will go to Crowdfunder, who charge Spadework a payment-processing fee of 1.67per cent plus 25p and VAT on each pledge. So for a pledge of £100, Spadework will receive £94.10, with the other £5.90 going on fees. Here is a summary of the fees that will be deducted from a pledge of £100:

  • Crowdfunder’s fee is £3 plus VAT (so £3.60)
  • Crowdfunder charge a payment processing fee of £1.67 plus 25p
  • VAT is added to the payment fees at 38p

Additional funding Spadework could receive

Crowdfunder has a pot of £5m of extra funding from the public and private sector for projects. If our project appeals to one of those organisations or individuals, they may decide to match some or all of the money that we raise – therefore making your contribution go further.



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