… a word about the money!

In 2014 it cost £756,821 to run Spadework and our income was £761,836

Our income came from five main sources:

Nursery, Café, Farm Shop and Farmers’ Market Sales – we try hard to stand on our own feet financially. Every penny we earn from sales goes directly to support the work of the charity, so the more you buy, the stronger we become. In 2014, 41% of our income came from sales; in 2015 we’d really like it to be closer to 50%

Charitable Trusts & Foundations – Trusts help us to keep our facilities safe and up to date, they provide vital funding for large items of equipment, like poly tunnels and accessible toilets (we can’t tell you how exciting it was to get our replacement loos last Summer!), and they help us to fund repairs and develop new projects. In 2014, 11.5% of our income came from charitable trusts and foundations – that’s £81,900.

Local Authority Social Services – Spadework provides high quality training and support for people with learning disabilities and other complex needs. We have contracts with Kent County Council and Medway Council to provide Trainee placements. Last year 46% of our income – £353,014 came from placement fees, and providing these placements cost Spadework £458,918

Donations, Gifts and Legacies – historically we haven’t been very good at asking for your support. We need to change that, because in the current economic climate every single penny matters to us – and to the people we support. Last year 3% of our income came from lovely gifts and donations from individual supporters and we’d like to thank every one of them. Every gift, no matter how small is really important, and we guarantee it will be put to very good use.

  • Other Income – 2.5% of our income came from other sources:
  • The Friends of Spadework –are a group of supporters who run fundraising events that directly benefit Trainees. Last year the Friends fundraised for things like a trip to Drusilla’s Wildlife Park and the Christmas party for trainees. We feel lucky and privileged to have their support.
  • Events – like the outdoor summer concerts by the wonderful West Malling Community Choir, the special themed dinners in our café and the Christmas and Summer Fairs


Developing skills for people with learning difficulties