Frequently asked questions

How can I find out more about Spadework?

You can come and have a look round the garden centre, café and farm shop at any time Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm and Saturday and Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm. If you would like a member of staff to show you round and talk to you about how we work and the sort of training we can offer, please contact us and we can arrange a time for you to visit and meet with staff.

What should I do if I want to attend Spadework?

Once you have had a look round and If you decide that you might like to come and work with us, you will need to fill in an application and medical form and let us have it back. You will also need to talk to your Care Manager to check whether you will have funding to pay for your place.

Once we have a place and you have funding we will arrange a Taster day. A Taster day is a day when you can come and work with us, to see if you like it and if we are the right place for you. You may want to do a few taster days before you decide.

If all goes well on your Taster day we will arrange a date for you to start.

What job will I be given?

There are lots of different jobs you can do. You will tell us about your interests and what you hope to learn and we will help you to decide what jobs you might like to try.

Do I have to pay to come to Spadework?

Yes you do. The charge is £45.88 per day and this will be looked at each year to decide if it needs to be increased. A bill will be sent to you every 28 days and we will expect you to pay your bill within 14 days. We will accept payment by Cheque, Kent Card, BACS or Debit/Credit Card.

Do I have to pay for the days that I can not come, like holidays, medical appointments or sickness?

Yes you do. Once you have started you have to pay for each day we have agreed for you to attend, including the days that you do not attend because of holidays, medical appointments or sickness.

Can I reduce the number of days that I come to Spadework?

Yes, you will need to talk with us and give us two weeks notice.

What do I do if I don’t want to come to Spadework any more?

You will need to talk with us and we will need 2 weeks paid notice.

Can I change my days that I come to Spadework each week?

Sometimes we can change your days. We will need to see whether we have any spaces on the days you would like to work.

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