What the trainees do in the farm shop

Trainees are able to learn the skills necessary for the day-to-day running of a farm shop, including customer service, housekeeping and stock presentation, food safety, literacy and numeracy skills.

The first thing we do when we open the shop is to make sure the milk and dairy delivery, which usually arrives early, is put in the fridge. Before we do that we have to check the dates of leftover milk and make sure it has not reached its sell by date. Then we label all the bread and put that on the shelves ready to sell. Then we have to do our opening checks, using a probe to check the temperatures of all the fridges. We then check the sell by dates of the chilled meats and cheeses and make sure all the fruit and vegetables are good quality.

During the day, as customers come in we serve them, using the till and pack their shopping into bags. We have to make sure the shop stays tidy and stock up the shelves as products are bought. When the vegetable delivery comes in we have to put that away in the cold store. We also sometimes have deliveries of meat and cheese, which has to be put in the fridge straight away.

At the end of the day we have to sweep and mop the floor and make sure the shop looks tidy to start the next day.

AM: I enjoy serving customers, using the till and pricing up. I like to meet new people and talking to the Spadework team and customers.

GS: I like helping everyone in the shop and making lists of stock.

PB: I enjoy labelling and sorting out the bread delivery.

AB: I like checking all the fruit and vegetables.

RG: I like the atmosphere in the shop and talking to the customers.

Developing skills for people with learning difficulties